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Hot Nights Cool Jazz

HOT NIGHTS COOL JAZZ is a colourful tribute and memento of the Ellington Jazz Club, a must have for any jazz lover. It is a hard-bound coffee table book with quotes, stories and photographs showcasing the first five years at the Ellington. Available for purchase from The Ellington and at selected independent book stores.

This magnificent book has captured the world-class performers, the punters and a behind the scenes insight into the Perth Jazz culture through the lens of this talented photographer and jazz lover. Angelyne has been involved in the club from conception and has been there, camera in hand, for the entire journey. Her close relationship with the management, staff and artists, has given her unrestricted ‘fly on the wall’ access to this thriving jazz institution.

HOT NIGHTS COOL JAZZ – Self published, Perth 2014. Hardcover. 24 x 24cm square, 131 pages of colour and monotone photographs, 11,208 words of text, contributed by artists portrayed throughout the book. Contributing photographer: Matt O’Donohue, Editor: Dorothy Sinclaire.


September 4, 2015


Photography, Print

Hot Nights Cool Jazz, Photography, Print